Whole30 Program Making a Fresh Start

Erika McElroy Whole30 ProgramSince the beginning of the year, I’ve been tipping my toes into the whole paleo/GAPS lifestyle. I understand they are two different eating habits but I believe they are both heading in the right direction to a healthy life. I believe  switching my diet to a modified GAPS diet has helped my Crohn’s disease to get under control. But lately, I have been experiencing extreme fatigue and struggling with weight loss. After researching alternative lifestyle changes, I came across the Whole30 Program. At first, I totally thought the program was crazy and too difficult. What do they mean NO SUGAR?!?! I do believe I have an extreme addiction to sugar. Even on the GAPS diet, I always found myself making “legal” desserts and treats. After reading and researching more…I decided that I needed to really commit to doing a Whole30 program.

What is the Whole30 Program you ask? Its a great program to restore your metabolism, help heal the digestive tract, and stop unhealthy food cravings. The program eliminates legumes, sugars, grains, and dairy from your diet and replaces them with meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, and oils).

Today, I’m on day two of the program. I’m feeling good but having major sugar cravings. All the meals I have made are wonderful. Let me just say this. BUY the ebook. It has helped me a lot and is full of delicious recipes! It has a list of foods to eat and not to eat. I have found the ebook to be a big help especially when starting this major lifestyle change.