Week One of Whole30 Program

The Whole30 is going good. Today I’m on day six and the program going pretty well. My parents have a summer place and my family usually goes every weekend. Well the camp to me always is a place to indulge in sweets, junk food, and other “tasty” foods. This weekend we are up for Memorial weekend and this weekend of food has been completely different compared to the past. I’ve made sure there were multiple vegetable choices at all meals and I have prepared myself with healthy snacks. The hardest has been staying away from the cookies, peanut butter balls, and s’mores especially as I watch everyone else indulge!!!  I mean who can say NO to s’mores when there’s a campfire? ME that’s who! I think “camp” is more of a mental thing for me too. It’s a time to relax and have a break from the business of life. It’s also a time for me to have a break from eating healthy. Well not anymore. I feel like if I can achieve it this weekend, I can do it every time I’m at camp.

I’m very excited to almost be done with week one of the Whole30 program. I have to say all the meals have been delicious and completely satisfying. I’ll go over a run down of my daily meals…


Breakfast- Three fried eggs

Lunch- Salad with turkey

Dinner- Paleo Pad Thai

Fried Eggs with Cauli-ous-Cous


Breakfast- Ginger eggs with bacon

Lunch- Leftover Paleo Pad Thai

Dinner- Mediterranean Fish with Cauli-ous-Cous



Breakfast- Two fried eggs with leftover Cauli-ous-Cous

Lunch- Rolled turkey with steamed carrots

Dinner- Leftover Mediterranean Fish with Cauli-ous-Cous



Breakfast and Lunch- I’m a newb at blogging and I can’t remember what I had. I’ll try my best next time to take notes of my meals!!!

Dinner- Spaghetti squash with chunky vegetable sauce and meatballs

Mediterranean Fish with Cauli-ous-Cous


Breakfast- Larabar (I know that shouldn’t be a meal but I had skipped breakfast. Its bad….shame on me.)

Lunch- Spinach Omelet

Dinner- Homemade Caribbean jerk marinated Steak tips, salad, stir fried vegetables, and roasted butternut squash with rosemary and balsamic vinegar



Breakfast- Two fried eggs, sausage, and sweet potato fritters

Lunch- Hamburger, salad, leftover butternut squash, and sautéed vegetables

Dinner- Salad with grilled chicken

Ginger Eggs with Bacon

Those are my meals thus far. I’m happy to say I’ve enjoyed every meal. Maybe because my sweat and blood went into every meal….well not literal sweat and blood. But cooking healthy is never easy and takes a long time to prepare. Some of the meals I didn’t put links that’s because the recipes are in the Whole30 ebook. BUY IT!!!! It will help the Whole30 program to be more manageable.

Ok. One more quick note and then I’ll be done with this super long post. My Crohn’s symptoms have been a little worse. Starting the diet, I felt great as far as the diarrhea was concerned but now it’s not the greatest. I’ve been having the big D almost daily and sometimes urgent. I don’t know if I’m getting a little worse before I get better. I’ll see how next week goes. Maybe my body will even out. I have seen an improvement on my sleep. I’m getting a much better rest during the night and a deeper sleep. I also find myself having a lot more energy during they day. Before starting the Whole30, I could barley make it to dinner without crashing on the couch. Looking forward to the weeks ahead.