Update: Family Life, Health, and Blog Direction

Ummm wow! Has it been almost two years since I’ve written a blog?! Whoops. Slacker! Well what can I say?! Life is busy raising two very busy and demanding boys. So lets get into some updates over the past two years.

1Y8A8047Family life has been crazy. Landon (my eight year old) is in second grade. He loves to read, play with legos, learn about science, and swim. We signed him up for his first year of little league and he can’t be more excited. He really is developing into an adolescent and I can quickly see my little boy slipping away. Yup…just got teary eyed writing that!! Logan (my CRAZY five year old) is in preschool and can’t get enough of it. He loves to play with legos, anything Mario, and has become quite the artist. He would paint all day if I’d allow him. My husband is crazy busy running his business and hopefully entering new and exciting corporate endeavors.hospitalselfie

Lets give you all a little health update. I’ve been feeling pretty good this past year. I did have another bowel obstruction back in August 2015. whathospitalsfeedyouwhathospitalshouldfeedyouThey were able to unblock my intestines with pumping my stomach.  Can I tell you….a bowel obstruction is unbelievably painful! Worse than recovering from a c-section. I’ve had just minor viruses and was able to heal them with supplements. I’ve been continuing to eat gluten free (trying my best…hey sometimes you need bread in your life).  I have also added dairy back into my diet and have not noticed any difference. Overall, the Crohn’s Disease has been quiet. Thank the Maker!  I’ve started the end of last year, with joining a gym and have been actively going three times a week (at least). Its been great to try and build up my strength. I’d love to start running again and hope to participate in the Groton Road Race (just a 5k) this April. I have enjoyed working part time for my Husband, doing the social media and bookkeeping for his company. I love that I’m able to work from home and still be able to be there for my kids. I’ve also found a new love for makeup and photography. Its starting to grow into a hobby and almost therapeutic for my soul. CRAZY RIGHT?! It really is a fun, creative outlet and I’m having a total blast. Its like art but for your face. I’ve turned my Instagram account erikamcelroy into a complete makeup account! Its been extremely fun and exciting to see it grow in followers. If you love makeup, be sure to check out my account and click that follow button! InstagramPic

So this leads me into the direction of my blog. Originally, I started erikamcelroy.com as a health blog. It was a way to get my health information out there for people to see that alternative treatments can work. And honestly, I’m BLOWN AWAY with the response I’ve gotten with How I Weaned Myself Off of Remicade. Seriously, I’m honored to have shared my story and to see so many searching for answers.  But as the url says, erikamcelroy.com, this blog is about me, my life, my interests, etc. I know health will always be a big part of my life but there is more to me than just Crohn’s Disease. I want to start sharing any information I feel like writing about. I really want to change the direction of this blog and have it be about my life. I’m also hoping to categorize my blogs so you can easily find posts related to specific subjects. That will be coming soon!

As always, thanks for reading and I’m glad to be back!