Fall…O How I Love Thee

September is finally here!! Fall is just around the corner and I’m super excited. Fall is my favorite season. I love the weather and all the yummy food that comes with fall. Got Pumpkin!? I sure do!!! I’ve already started cooking with it. I made Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Spice Dehydrator Cookies, and Pumpkin Cashew Coconut Curry.  They all came out fantastic!!! This week, I also started making stock. I LOVE that I don’t buy the boxed kind anymore. Yuck! I can’t get enough soup in the colder months and having homemade stock on hand is always a bonus.

My health is ok. I’m still feeling extremely tired and been having stomach pain (which I believe is due to stress). My Nurse Practitioner (that also practices alternative medicine) is testing out a few things. I have to do a hormone test and blood work. She also put me on lavender supplements to help with anxiety/stress. I’ll see what shows up.  I’m not too sure. I’m still eating Paleo friendly food but have recently realized I have to stay away from raw vegetables. I think its quite common for people with digestive issues to not be able to handle raw vegetables/fruit very well. I stinks because I really love salad and its such an easy meal to throw together. Oh well….I’ll get over it.

Sooooo lately, I’ve been thinking about my blog (which many people don’t even know about) and kinda what I expect from it. I would like to help others with what I have personally experienced in my life. So many people struggle with autoimmune disease and I just want people to know there is hope out there. Hope without the use of modern medicine!!  I’m also hoping my blog will be a great way to document my life and keep tract of my health. I’ll see what happens.