Crohn’s Disease Update

Well all good things must come to an end and that means my Crohn’s Disease is back and ready to attack. AAHHH! Its honestly been really depressing after feeling so well for a long time. It makes me sad that I’m not being the Wife/Mom that I should be for my husband/kids. I’m trying to be positive but its really hard at times.

I’ve not felt well for the past few months. My symptoms started in February and it has gone down hill since then. I’ve been able to treat my Crohn’s with diet and supplements but unfortunately I couldn’t get in to see my alternative doctor. I’ve tried to treat myself but its like shooting in the dark. After many years of being drug and doctor free, I’ve seen a GI and am getting a colonoscopy tomorrow. I’m bummed but I’m glad to get things checked out. Today, I’ll be starting the prep and it is the worst part ever!

Will I still be doing holistic treatments? Yes. I’m actually going to a clinic in Arizona for three weeks to get treatments (check back for more posts about the clinic). I’m really excited and anxious. I’m anxious to leave my family for that long. I’ve honestly never left them for that amount of time but I know they will be in good hands with my husband and family.

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