Colonoscopy, Party Prep, and Landon Turns 10!

I haven’t had time to post a blog and edit my vlog till today. Let’s jump into all the happenings from the past few days.

Colonoscopy Day 4-20-17

The morning of my scope, I woke up feeling better. It was great to have the clean out behind me. I was nervous but that quickly faded as they injected the sedation drug int

IMG_5356o my IV. I woke up to nurses asking me if I wanted some toast. I had to decline as I’m gluten free. My GI eventually came and chatted with me and said I had narrowing where I had my bowel resection and found other areas of inflammation. She put me on Uceris and said Remicade would be in my future. I pretty much chilled on the couch the rest of the day.

Party Prep Day 4-21-17

I was up early that day to get the kids ready for school and I needed to start my errands for Landon’s party. I had a good night and only went to the bathroom once and it was normal. I was shocked. But my bowel issues quickly went back to where they have been (diarrhea). BOO! I got all the groceries (80 taco shells were purchased), party supplies, and decorations loaded up in the car and headed to my Mom in law’s house to decorate. The room came together quickly and looked festive for Landon’s taco themed party. I was thankful to have a lot of helping hands. I left there and went back home to bake the cake which came out really cute.IMG_4078 I spent the rest of the night prepping food and doing laundry. I was thankful Logan had a playdate to keep him occupied.

Landon’s 10th Birthday 4-22-17

I woke up early to start getting ready for the day. I wanted to at least do my hair and slap on some makeup. I’ve been living in PJ’s for what seems like months so it was nice to get semi dressed up. Landon and I headed to Groton to finish decorating and to start cooking our taco fiesta! IMG_7703I felt the party went well. Everyone had a great time! It is heartwarming as a mom, to see my little baby grow into a handsome, smart, and kind young man. Landon is my easy-going child and he really has a sweet disposition. He’s caring, kind, and not afraid of hard work. Landon, never loose these traits! After the party ended, we spent a few hours hanging out and then it was time to clean up and head home to Cooper. It was a really nice day. Thank you to Sue and Jack for hosting! And thank you to everyone that came to support Landon!





Check back for more blogs/vlogs all the way from Orlando, Florida!!!!