30 Days of Paleo

4th of July kicked my butt! I overindulged!!! So I guess I need to take a step back and salvage whatever I can. I decided to get back on the Paleo bandwagon. What’s Paleo you ask? Google it…but if your too lazy to do so, I guess I’ll just tell ya. Paleo is a lifestyle way of eating. The diet consists of grass fed meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Dairy, grains, legumes, potatoes, refined sugar, and processed foods are a big fat NO. So I did Paleo for a couple months last year and decided to reintroduce potatoes, rice, and processed gluten free food back into my diet. I didn’t see a big difference (Crohn’s wise) with reintroducing them back except for weight gain. Blah. Cursed weight gain! I am glad that my Crohn’s wasn’t affected. That’s a major plus!! So I’m jumping back into Paleo for 30 Days to see if it will help with some weight loss. Along with my new protocol, I’m watching portion size and minimizing “paleoized” junk food. I’m also incorporating exercise because one cannot loose some poundage without getting up and MOVING!

Well day 1 is almost completed…gonna take this one day at a time!